Cultural Wisdom

As the world getting flatten, different cultures have opportunities to
meet, and people can open up their horizon to different thoughts and
views.  This is a good thing. However, real life tells us that conflicts
also exists.

Cultures are built from values. Groups of people get together and
being governed by a certain values that they can bear. It is these values
that give us judgement.  And judging others gives conflicts.  

Although culture gives us hope and sense of belonging, it is not the one
we want to keep.  The wisdom of the culture is the one we want to
keep.  The wisdom does not make us to judge, but to understand; the
wisdom does not create value, but view of horizon.  

So my friends, weather you are living in a society with a value
influenced by a culture or having a chance to touch a foreign culture,
and be sure to understand the teaching and wisdom behind it.  

Samson Cheung