Shanghai Reminiscence

Shanghai is a city of incredible heart and energy.  Its
excitement reaches out and grabs you when you walk its
city streets and alleys.  Even now it is possible to find
bits and pieces of an older city just by letting your feet
lead you.  And the old places are the true places from
which the new city jumped and pranced and tumbled
into being.  
You will also discover tiny shops only as big as a closet but filled with treasures in
silk or tea or minority stitching, even a tiny teahouse on the first floor of an old
house where two exquisite young women serve you a tiny cup of oolong tea and
then one young woman plays a song on her gu qin (古琴)that will break your heart
with its beauty and its sorrow, and when that melody turns softly into silence, her
friend will tell you an old tale of Yu Boya(俞伯牙)and his gu qin.

Suzanne Portero (Bixia Su)