Discount Offer for Member’s Friends and Families

Membership Discount:
For existing members, the annual membership renewal fee is $40.

Class Discount:
1.  Members taking only one class in a section will receive 10% off.
2.  Members taking multiple classes in a section will receive 15% off of the total tuition.
3.  A married couple taking one or multiple classes together in a section, the spouse
member will receive 50% off of his/her total tuition.

Class Referral Voucher:
A member will receive a $25 voucher for referring a new student to take a class.  
Multiple referrals are welcome.

Class Referral Voucher Terms & Conditions:
1.  Redeemable when a new student completely paid for the class, which is non-refundable.
2.  Only be accepted from the original bearer.  No duplicates will be honored.  
3.  Non-refundable, non-transferable, not for resale, and not cash redeemable.
4.  Can only be used for attending classes. Does not apply to seminars, workshops
   and any other events.
5.  Can be used in conjunction with the class discount but not with other discount offers.  
6.  Can redeem multiple vouchers at once.
7.  Cannot carry over the remaining balance of a voucher.
8.  Void if a voucher expired.

會員優惠 - 友人與家庭成員之折扣優待


1. 會員就讀一個課程將可獲得九折優惠。
2. 會員於同期內就讀多個課程將可獲得八五折優惠。
3. 已婚夫婦於同期內就讀一個或多個課程,配偶成員將獲得全部學費之半價優惠。


1.  當被推介之新會員繳交學費後(學費均不退還),優惠券方能生效使用。
2. 只接受原來的持有人。複印券一蓋不獲兌現。
3. 優惠券不可退還,不可轉讓,不得轉售,亦不能兌換現金。
4. 只能適用於報讀課程。不適用於研討會/講座,講習班和其他活動。
5. 可聯課程折扣使用,但不能與其他優惠使用。
6. 可一次兌換多張優惠券。
7. 不能結轉餘額。
8. 過期作廢論。